Pool Swimming

As a British Triathlon Bronze Trimark Club, we follow the Swim Smooth approach in our swimming sessions. Swim Smooth’s ‘individual’ approach to swimming is used by many of the world’s governing bodies, followed by thousands of swim coaches and hundreds of thousands of swimmers. Please visit https://www.swimsmooth.com for more information.

The following pool based training sessions are available throughout the year, each with a dedicated coach and lifeguard, to anyone who can swim at least 200 meters front crawl  If you can’t yet do that we would recommend adult beginner / improver classes at the Health Hydro on a Sunday morning:

Swim slots are booked in advance – Details are on our Members Facebook Group

Monday 20:50 – 21:50 Health Hydro 33m Pool (Swindon Town Centre)

Thursday 21:00 – 22:00 Link Centre 25m Pool (West Swindon)

A key part of the individual approach to swimming through Swim Smooth is called ‘Critical Swim Speed’ (CSS). This is essentially the pace that you can hold for 1,500m and is an important aspect of how we plan our sessions. You can find out more about CSS here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U51oZfl3i2E.

To join one of our sessions we recommend the following swim aids:

Goggles:  We have partnered with www.themagic5.com as our preferred swim-goggle, and we will be announcing the exciting benefits to members of this partnership through our Facebook group including a free giveaway and a club discount code!


Used during drills to add propulsion to allow swimmers to focus on the upper body actions.

Pull buoy: 
Used to add buoyancy and prevent kicking when doing pull only drills.

Freestyle paddles: 
Designed to improve streamlined hand entry and distance per stroke.

Allows swimmers to have much greater stability and relaxation whilst they are working on their stroke technique.


Agility paddles: 
This promotes early and strong catch and pull through.

Tempo trainer: 
Placed under a swim cap this helps swimmers improve pace awareness and develop stroke rate.

Ankle band: 
Worn around ankles to eliminate kicking and add drag to develop core control to keep legs higher and stroke rhythm and timing.

We feature a number of their drills in our swim sessions, video instruction for which can be found  here.


Lake Swimming

The spring/summer swimming program also includes open water lake swimming at the Cotswold Water Park (Lake 32) from 1st April where daily swims before 10 am are possible, or on Tuesday & Thursday evenings after 5.30 pm. There is however an additional annual membership fee to swim at the lake of £75.00 or £5 per swim as an alternative. An early bird discount is available if booking before 1st April.

Information on current special Tri Club deals are advised through our club emails and Facebook group

Waterland Outdoor Pursuits (www.lake32.co.uk) can be contacted on 01285 861 202
Cotswold Water Park – Lake 32
Waterland Outdoor Pursuits, Spratsgate Lane, Shorncote, Nr Cirencester, GL7 6DF

Cotswold Water Park Hire (www.cotswoldwaterparkhire.com)
Cotswold Water Park – Lake 86
 Next to the Information Centre, South Cerney

Alternatively contact enquiries@swindontriathlonclub.co.uk for more information

The club have run a number of coached group open water sessions during the spring and summer months, details available on our club Facebook page.https://www.swimsmooth.com