We are lucky enough to be able to hold coached sessions in a closed road environment where the coaches can put members through their paces and develop bike and transition skills.  The details of these regular, but ad hoc, events are messaged through our social medial and email lists and have proved a valuable addition to the clubs coached offering.

A number of the club members actively arrange regular rides which include various abilities and distances – check out our Facebook page to get involved !

Rides are typically 30-50 miles with a speed to be agreed on the day but typically 13-17 mph, faster groups average out at 20 mph

Check out the Facebook group for details on our Fantastic Turbo Sessions held over Zoom where you can ride with us on Zwift or just chat along as you do your own thing.  Both interval and social rides are held and this has been a great lockdown bonus that we will look to continue each year as the weather makes indoor riding more appealing , and less harm to our precious bikes!!

Other options worth consideration although will be at an extra cost are;

Swindon Wheelers www.swindonwheelers.co.uk

Saturday 08:30 – Freke Arms (40-50miles)

Saturday 09:00 – Kingsdown Pub (40-50miles) and

Sunday 09:00 – Casa Paolo Italian Restaurant (40-50miles)

North Wilts Road Club www.northwiltsroadclub.webs.com

Wednesday 18:00 – 20:00 Swindon Cycles Beechcroft Road, SN2 7QD

Saturday 09:30 – 13:00 Swindon Cycles Beechcroft Road, SN2 7QD

Sunday 09:15 – 13:00 Swindon Cycles Beechcroft Road, SN2 7QD

Swindon Road Club www.swindon-rc.co.uk

Swindon road club cater for a diverse range of abilities with development/social, club and time trial rides heading out Tuesdays (18:00/18:30), Saturdays (09:00/09:30) and Sundays (08:00/09:00) see website for more details.