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Club Coaches

Justin Robbins (Run, Spin & Bike Session)

Justin is a British Triathlon level 2 coach and GB age group triathlete. Justin has been in triathlon for 17 years, has completed four Ironman distance races with a 10:19 PB and is an age group winner at Ireland 70.3 and a 70.3 world championship competitor. He enjoys coaching and particularly likes to see ‘ah-ha’ moments and improvements as a result of the specific sessions he trains. Justin believes everyone can benefit from more focus and understanding about why they are doing specific sessions, and after 17 years in the sport Justin has a lot of learning to share!

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Keith Stenning (Saturday Swim Sessions)

Keith is a professional swim teacher and a member of the Guild of Swimming Teachers and Coaches Association, and has coached locally for Wroughton ASC and Thamesdown ASC [now Tigersharks] as well as at county level. Keith has been coaching at Swindon Tri Club since 2007 focusing on technique improvement. As a father of a successful triathlete himself, Keiths involvement in triathlon has been huge and he has adapted his coaching style accordingly. Keith has marshalled at both local and world championship events across the country. He has also been to Hawaii to see his son compete in the Ironman World Championships.

When asked about coaching style, Keiths’ response is “I have a relaxed approach to coaching. Saying that, I expect dedication and effort from my swimmers at all times, however I also encourage banter and team spirit as I believe this is an environment which helps people thrive and develop. It also encourages competition amongst the team. I offer technique improvement at all my sessions whilst tailoring to individual needs and race-day tapering requirements.”

Keith prides himself on being able to offer stroke analysis and technique improvement in a range of sessions from 1-2-1 to group sessions. He is happy to video strokes and provide tailored feedback to individuals and is always contactable by phone or email and willing to answer any questions or concerns his swimmers may have.

Phil Millard (Monday & Thursday Swim Sessions)

Phil has been involved in swimming for over 30 years, coaching competitive swimmers to GB swim team standard. He first obtained his ASA Swim Teacher qualifications in the 1980’s, then progressed onto Assistant Club Coach and finally became a fully qualified British Swimming Club Coach.

Over the last 6 years he has coached Grant Turner and Jazz Carlin. Grant was a member of the GB Team at London 2012 and Jazz is currently ranked third, fifth and seventh in the world in her 3 distance freestyle events. Both hope to feature in Glasgow 2014. Phil Coached Tigershark`s swimmers to sixth place in the Medal Table at the National Age Groups and Youth Championships.

Phil joined Swindon Tri Club in 2006 and when asked what he likes most about coaching his response is both interesting and encouraging for everyone. “Yes working with very talented athletes, winning medals and setting records is very rewarding. However I love working with motivated Athletes who may not be particularly talented and who may never reach the top of their sport. Athletes who work incredibly hard to achieve their goals and make the most of their ability.” Phil is very enthusiastic, committed and at times demanding, but don’t worry his bark is worse than his bite!

He says he has found working with Triathletes a challenge. ‘They are definitely not short of motivation or an appetite for hard work!” he says. “However some have physical and skill limitation when it comes to swimming, particularly those who enter the sport from a cycling or running background. It`s about trying to eliminate or minimise weaknesses and adapting swimming techniques on a one to one basis to try and achieve the best front crawl stroke for them” he says.

One of Phil`s key sayings is ‘Train Smarter, Not Harder.”

Clair Stenning (Saturday Swim Sessions)

Clair has swum competitively at County, National and District level in a variety of distances and strokes (and was once voted Wiltshire Swimmer of the Year!!). Back in the day, she also ran for Swindon schools and County in both track and cross country events.

Clair’s involvement with triathlon began back in the late 80’s when Total Fitness asked her and her brother to be the swimmers in various triathlon relay events. She has competed in a few triathlons herself but, due to a distinct lack of bike skills, has hung up her cycling shorts and focussed on swimming and running instead.

An active member of Swindon Tri Club since 2006, Clair is a qualified swim teacher and frequently coaches at club sessions where she enjoys focussing on improvement and technique.

Jo Montgomery (Monday Swim Sessions)

Jo first fell in love with swimming when as a 4 year old she learnt to swim at Thamesdown Swimming Club, now known as Tigersharks.

Her enthusiasm for, and her commitment to, the sport developed and grew through her teenage years. She enjoyed a lot of success competing at County, District and National level. During that time she learnt from swimming under some great Coaches at the club including David Lyles who went on to become the National Coach of China. He is now in the same role in New Zealand.

The sport also gave her some great opportunities to travel and when she was eighteen she spent a year in California swimming with the world famous Santa Clara Club. The following year for three months she coached age groupers at Fort Lauderdale Swim School in Florida. Saturday’s always included a one mile swim up the beach in the Atlantic with her swimming and trying to control and ensure the safety of sixteen young swimmers.

On returning to the UK she fulfilled the same role coaching age groupers back at Tigersharks.

She says one of the many benefits of a lifelong involvement in the sport has been that she has made some fantastic lifelong friendships along the way.

In addition to coaching at the Tri Club session and passing on her extensive knowledge and experience of swimming, she also has a Swimming Academy teaching children from beginners to entry into club level swimming. Her enthusiasm and energy is motivational with swimmers from 5 to 50 years old! She no longer swims herself other than with her children, but enjoys playing netball at a competitive level, plus running and cycling when she gets the time from her two girls.